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When You’re Facing High-Conflict Divorce in Texas, Where Can You Turn?

Hiller Law has a mission to deliver expert divorce counsel and aggressive family law advocacy to individuals facing high-conflict, high-stakes, or high-complexity divorces in the Austin or Houston, Texas area. Our team of certified family lawyers is committed to treating you with respect and professionalism - all while fighting for the future you deserve.

Founded by Texas Board Certified family lawyer Michael Hiller, Hiller Law is known as a family law firm that fiercely advocates for every client, every time. We take pride in working diligently to present truthful and honest evidence in court while protecting your best interests, even in the face of tense conflict or high-stakes situations. When you’re...

  • Facing an argumentative ex in a high-conflict divorce,
  • Dividing complex high net worth assets or properties such as real estate, stocks and bonds, business accounts, or retirement plans,
  • Working out custody plans or other child agreements such as child support,
  • Solving a paternity case or request,
  • Sorting through decades of complicated records or estate documents,
  • Determining spousal support such as alimony, or
  • Looking for a competent legal advocate who isn’t afraid to fight for you

Hiller Law can provide the family law services you need. Our effective and aggressive lawyers are experienced not only in matrimonial and divorce law, but child custody issues, high-conflict divorce, high net worth property and asset division, pre- and post nuptial agreements, and more. While we don’t hesitate to fight for your rights in court, we also specialize in mediation and collaborative law to deescalate high-conflict situations or complex custody cases.

At Hiller Law, we understand that high-conflict or high net worth divorce is stressful and complicated. That’s why we offer a variety of options customized to best serve your legal needs and go to great lengths to make this difficult time as stress-free as possible - in or out of courtroom. When you’re facing high-conflict divorce in Texas, trust Hiller Law to fight for you.

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