Hiller Divorce Law’s Team​ of lawyers have​ ​50 years combined legal ​​experience​.​ Led by Texas Board Certified Family Lawyer Michael Hiller, Hiller Law​​​ ​​​offers you divorce options in a tough, smart & professional manner. Our lawyers have ​experience ​representing clients in divorce litigation, collaborative law and collaborative divorce. From your first consultation with our team, we listen and understand your case, your unique issues, and your goals. We advise you on the best options for you and your children – whether in or out of the courtroom​,​ ​and strive ​​to offer you exceptional service​ ​throughout the entire process.

Our attorneys are trained and effective at handling high-conflict cases, false allegations, difficult spouses and ex-spouses, and many other contentious situations. On the other hand, we believe that, if possible, parties should use the opportunity to resolve their disputes through collaborative divorce or mediation; we are trained in both of these. We strive to find unique solutions for the challenging problems specific to your case.

We can represent you in cases involving collaborative law and collaborative divorce; divorce litigation; child custody and support; property division; prenuptial agreements; modifications and enforcements, as well as other family law issues. Hiller Divorce Law is innovative, whether through its Reconciliation Law program or through how we can combine Collaborative Divorce with Arbitration. Experience, Options, and Innovation. We’re here to help.

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