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Archive for August 18, 2017

Prenups – Because You Never Know

Prenuptial agreements. It’s a phrase that immediately gets a reaction. Thanks to pop culture, the reaction is typically negative. On television and in movies, we often see the wealthy antagonist forcing the less fortunate spouse-to-be to sign a prenuptial agreement, often just days before the ceremony and causing the surprised party to question the person…

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4 Divorce Secrets We’re Letting You In On

As we explore common misconceptions about divorce, it must be noted that somewhere along the lines many people began to accept several misguided notions as truth. While some concepts have been true in the past, these ideas are no longer the standard for all divorces. Misconception One – A 50/50 division of assets is the…

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What lesser-known factor is driving family litigation and forcing couples to the courthouse to battle out some ugly dispute?   It is frequently the case where one or both of the parents is suffering from a personality disorder that makes peaceful resolution or mutual agreement virtually impossible; thus driving the couple to court for an ugly…

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How to make your Divorce REALLY Expensive

1.  Complex or large financial assets – A divorce involving complex, unusual, or large amounts of financial assets typically requires financial experts to value the financial assets and a fair amount of negotiation to reach a settlement over how to divide the assets; may also require tax professionals. 2.  Intense hostility or disagreement over child custody…

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10 Ways Social Media can screw-up your Divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce, you must be extremely cautious with any personal or family social media activity. A survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that from 2009-2012, 59% of its divorce lawyer members had seen an increase in the number of cases involving evidence obtained from dating websites, while 81%…

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