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Michael Hiller

Michael Hiller has practiced family law for over 27 years. Growing up in a family of attorneys, he enjoys the advantage of law being in his blood. Fortunately, Michael’s genes include other ambitions besides the law. While many lawyers are only known for their work, Michael believes that everyone should live a balanced life. While the demands of a busy law practice can sometimes prevent continual balance, Michael makes the effort to enjoy time with family – his wife of 35 years and his three children.

Besides his family, Michael finds joy in meditating, swimming, biking and other sports. He is an avid lover of movies, sports, the outdoors and being with his friends. Although family members think he’s working when he talks about his ideas in family law, he also considers his concepts a labor of love. Michael is active in several communities and continuously works to improve the family legal system. He is dedicated to helping couples learn relationship skills. Michael is thankful for his staff who work with him on a regular basis – they give him the time to live a balanced life.

Nancy Whittemore, Associate

Nancy Whittemore has exclusively practiced family law and Houston divorces since she joined Hiller Law. With more than 20 years’ experience, her expertise extends throughout a variety of fields. Her role at Hiller Law includes researching questions of law, drafting difficult motions in technical areas, assisting Michael, representing clients in court and formulating strategies to meet client goals.

As a wife and mother with a diverse background in chemical engineering, management and marketing, Nancy brings a unique perspective to finding creative solutions to client needs.

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