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When the prospect of divorce enters your life, you may feel adrift at sea. Indeed, your family life and personal finances may be shaken up in the near future, even after all the work you put in to try to preserve your marriage. But in many cases, divorce is the right path forward to help preserve every party’s ongoing interests. But one question remains – who will support you when it comes to matters of asset division and child custody?

If you live in Barton Creek and the surrounding area, then your first choice for top-tier family law services should be Hiller Law. With decades of experience in the field, Hiller Law’s attorneys are ready to take on your difficult family legal issues and resolve them with an innovative approach that places your needs first. From prenuptial agreements to child support and beyond, Hiller Law has the knowledge and experience needed to see your long-term interests through to fruition.

About Hiller Law

Tough, smart, and professional – these are three words that describe every member of the Hiller Law team. Founder Michael Hiller has always put these principles at the heart of his legal services, and he continues to live up to these ideals every time he aggressively advocates for his clients in the courtroom. Hiller Law also focuses on innovation because they believe in supporting clients who have not found legal success with more impersonal legal firms.

Michael Hiller’s credentials alone speak to his firm’s ability to serve the needs of families in Barton Creek and the surrounding area without hesitation. In fact, Hiller has been a member of the Texas Bar since 1989 and has grown in his knowledge of family law every year since. That’s why he became board certified in family law in 1998 and became a Fellow for the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2018. Even his 9.9 rating on Avvo speaks to Hiller’s unwavering commitment to becoming the best in his field.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law recognizes that the family law field is multi-faceted, which is why we offer a wide variety of legal services that can help families meet their legal goals without adding undue strain to their daily lives. For example, individuals can create a pre- or postnuptial agreement with the help of our lawyers, as well as handle false allegations made by a partner or ex-spouse.

Even beyond divorce, you’ll surely find that Hiller Law is the unmatched leader in providing child custody and property division services to their clients in Barton Creek and the surrounding area. This is especially true when it comes to child support and paternity cases, both of which the attorneys at Hiller Law can handle without placing either party in a position to shoulder undue financial or emotional burdens.

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If you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock in your family life that only the law can remove, then now is the right time to call Hiller Law at our office in Austin (512) 360-9100. Our team members are ready and willing to take your call so we can begin the consultation process relating to your divorce, property division, or child custody case. Through and through, you can count on Hiller Law to support you as you work to find a prosperous path forward for you and your family.