Bryker Woods Area Divorce Attorney

No divorce is easy – that’s a fact. There’s a lot at stake for both parties, after all, from divided assets to divided visitation rights with their children. All of this can lead to uncertainty, especially if you lack experience dealing with the court's process for assessing divorce filings. At times like this, it’s good to know that you have qualified legal support standing beside you.

For those living in Bryker Woods and the surrounding area, that qualified support should always come from Hiller Law. This firm has what it takes to tirelessly support your legal interests, even in high-conflict divorce cases. Hiller Law’s lawyers have decades of experience in the family law field, so they are always willing to put together a custom legal strategy that runs at your pace. Though and through, Hiller Law should be your #1 choice for legal services when your family’s future stability is on the line.

About Hiller Law

Most family law firms in Bryker Woods and the surrounding area simply want to expedite your divorce filing. At Hiller Law, though, lead lawyer Michael Hiller believes in working at your pace so that your post-divorce goals remain front and center. To do this, Hiller and his team always customize their legal strategy using the latest and greatest in non-traditional conflict resolution methods. Clients even have the opportunity to utilize a collaborative divorce, which is far better for balancing the practical and emotional strain associated with legal separation.

Michael Hiller’s commitment to making a meaningful difference for Austin area families has earned him and his firm a number of accolades. Hiller Law currently maintains a near-perfect 9.9 rating on Avvo. Meanwhile, Hiller himself has been recognized for his commitment to top-tier professionalism, such as with his 2018 fellowship with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. But even so, Hiller and his team agree that a job well-done beats any prize or award, by far.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

When it comes to being a full-service family law firm for Bryker Woods and the surrounding area, Hiller Law takes its community role seriously. As such, you’ll always be able to call on Hiller Law’s attorneys when you need to resolve an adoption or paternity issue. Hiller Law’s lawyers are also able to create pre- and postnuptial agreements that are able to fully stand up to future legal scrutiny.

As always, though, Hiller Law’s team really shines when it comes to serving divorce clients. In particular, this firm’s lawyers are always the first to suggest alternatives to traditional divorce filings, such as a collaborative divorce. In some cases, Hiller Law’s attorneys may even be able to provide mediation to ensure that asset and child custody divisions are always mutually beneficial.

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Divorce won’t be an easy task to handle, even if you do have qualified support. But you’ll find this journey to be more productive and more efficient if you call Hiller Law before initiating your filing. With just a single call to their Austin office at 512-360-9100, you’ll be able to take the first step towards collaborating on your own customized legal strategy. Call today and learn for yourself why Hiller Law is unmatched when it comes to providing Austin and the surrounding area with family law services.