Hiller Law strives to ensure that your child’s short- and long-term future goals are secured, especially when dealing with divorce, your well-being, and other changes in your lifestyle. Child support dictates the financial responsibility of an ex-spouse or parent to help pay for the care of the couple’s children.

Our firm has represented both clients that found challenges in obtaining child support from the other parent, and clients that were being forced to pay too much child support based on their circumstances. The attorneys at Hiller Law are skilled at calculating appropriate support payments using Texas guidelines, as well as knowing when income considerations, your family’s circumstances, and needs extend beyond those calculations.

Hiller Law represents clients with child support issues such as:

  • Child support determination: In Texas, there are guidelines to help you and your attorney calculate the amount of child support you are entitled to or must pay
  • Child support modification: Circumstances change, and if you or your ex have a significant increase or decrease in income, or if your income fluctuates, a modification of your child support agreement may be necessary
  • Refusal to pay: Sometimes the parent who is required to pay child support neglects their duty and must be brought to justice

Protecting, Securing, & Caring for Your Children’s Future

The child support attorneys at Hiller Law have the experience necessary to be an advocate for you and your children’s financial future. Our firm can ensure fair payment and equitable solutions through negotiations if possible, or represent you in court against your ex if needed.

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