While the door on the marriage may be closing, couples who are willing and able to work together with legal professionals to guide them may benefit from a Collaborative Divorce.

Collaborative divorce is ideal for people who:

  • Want to avoid expensive litigation
  • Are on speaking terms with their ex-partner
  • Can find compromises and talk things through
  • Want to keep their case in a confidential meeting room rather than in a courtroom
  • Would like to make their own decisions in their divorce, rather than leave it up to a judge

For divorcing partners that meet these criteria, a Collaborative Divorce can be a “win-win” for the entire family, placing an emphasis on working together to settle the family’s affairs, while avoiding much of the emotional and financial costs of expensive, combative courtroom litigation.

Trusted Negotiators & Partners, Keeping Your Family’s Interests at Heart

The attorneys at Hiller Law are highly skilled in Collaborative Law, and are recognized as specifically equipped in problem-solving through creative, customized solutions that keep your interests in the forefront and work toward a mutually beneficial compromise with your partner. We represent you through non-adversarial negotiations that are client, child, and family centered, with a focus on the future over dwelling in the past.

With our help, you can evaluate the pros and cons of any proposed settlement, obtain a favorable child custody schedule, resolve parenting issues, and discuss financial issues that could affect your family’s future. Our successful experience and network of trained legal, mental health, and financial professionals provide a unique team approach to a peaceful resolution of your divorce.

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