Trial Lawyers

Hiller Law will help you decide if going to court is the right move for your specific case. As Houston and Austin divorce lawyers, we believe there should always be a reasonable attempt to negotiate an agreement before proceeding to court. While initial negotiations aren’t always immediately resolved, our next move is to quickly get your case to court. We are known for our toughness and success in the courtroom, and our team will be by your side until the divorce is final. We use discretion to advise when you should be in the courtroom and when we can solely handle the hearings. At Hiller Law, our team of experts keep your best interest in mind at every stage of the process.

Traditional Family Law Litigation

When you fully expect for your case to be decided by a judge or jury, we file your lawsuit, serve your spouse with papers, and expect an answer from your spouse, or you get served and we file an answer.

  • Temporary Restraining Order
    • These are often issued with the petition to keep you, your property and children protected. A temporary order hearing usually follows the service. At that hearing, the status quo is normally preserved, unless one of you needs to move out with or without the children. In that case, often a custody hearing is included with the temporary hearing. The judge decides if you get temporary custody of the children, who moves out of the house, who pays what bills, and how much child support you pay or receive. The ORDERS that the judge makes include temporary injunctions, which are similar to temporary restraining orders. Hiller Law will aggressively help you fight through this 1st phase of litigation, after which, discovery begins.
  • Discovery
    • This includes written questions and requests for documents and things, as well as psychology, property and businesses evaluations of the parties, the children, your property and businesses. We will take depositions (oral questions with a court reporter present) if needed, to more intensely discover information.
  • Trial
    • After discovery is complete, we begin getting you and your case ready for final trial. That trial is before a judge or jury, and is usually 6-12 months from the first filing. All along we may try to negotiate partial settlements of the dispute, while protecting yours and your children’s rights. These negotiations will likely include mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

We believe collaborative divorce is an effective option for a broad range of family issues including divorce and custody cases. In this scenario, a contract is signed between both parties that allows our team to work toward the resolution for your case outside of court. At Hiller Law, our team has many years of experience in advising alternatives to court cases by suggesting informal resolutions for busy professionals or cost-conscious couples. Our goal is to help you decide what is best for your situation, and the best option isn’t always to proceed to court.


Mediation in Texas is mostly done before hearings. It is required in most Family courts. You can also mediate without Lawyers in short sessions over a period of time. Some of the benefits of mediation include maintaining privacy, faster agreements, and preserving relationships. There are also many different types of medication which include facilitative, narrative, transformative, or "The Toolbox Method" which is a combination of two or more methods.

Reconciliation Law

If you and your spouse are thinking through what a divorce will mean for your family, Hiller Law suggests looking into marriage education as a first step. This is a rapidly developing concept which focuses on learning the necessary skills for healthy relationships. At Hiller Law, we are trained in several marriage education programs, and we have information that can help your family arrive at the best decision.

We can encourage couples’ education through the legal system and through mediation. We work with other couple skills educators as well as exploring a new couple skills program, couples coaching.

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