Hancock Area Divorce Attorney

Once you and your partner decide that divorce is your best option moving forward, you may feel more alone than ever. Not only are you faced with handling this new emotional weight on your own, but you may also be struggling to understand the formal divorce process. Both the emotional and practical challenges of divorce are difficult to overcome alone, which is why you deserve support in this trying time.

Here at Hiller Law, we are ready and willing to provide that kind of support and more. Hiller Law’s lawyers have decades of experience in the family law profession. As a result, we can create a customized legal strategy that meets your needs in the present. We always communicate clearly with our clients as well so that we’re all on the same page through and through. When it comes down to it, you won’t find better divorce services in Hancock and the surrounding area than at Hiller Law.

About Hiller Law

Over its many years in service to Hancock and the surrounding area, Hiller Law has been the go-to name for family law services big and small. In that time, though, Hiller Law’s team hasn’t relied on decades’ old legal methods. Instead, principal lawyer Michael Hiller and his team always utilize cutting-edge legal techniques to ensure that every candidate is treated like an individual who deserves an equitable solution under the law. 

Hiller Law’s commitment to uplifting its clients through its legal services has earned the firm a considerable amount of praise. On Avvo, for example, Hiller Law currently maintains a high 9.9 rating that far exceeds other firms in Hancock and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, even the firm’s individual attorneys have earned accolades for their professional skills. This includes a 2018 fellowship with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, which was awarded to principal lawyer Michael Hiller.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law’s practice areas continue to grow to meet the needs of families in our community. As a result, you can count on Hiller Law to help you navigate a challenging pending adoption or paternity case with ease. On a different front, if you need a pre- or post-nuptial agreement that can stand up to future scrutiny, Hiller Law’s lawyers can ensure you obtain the documentation you need without delay.

Divorce law services remain Hiller Law’s most prominent practice area, though. Those services cover the full course of a divorce proceeding, including during any pre-trial period. At that point, your Hiller Law attorney can ensure that false allegations made against are immediately handled and dismissed. From there, your attorney will work hard to ensure that you obtain a fair share of your child’s custody and your mutual assets. Even after your divorce is finalized, Hiller Law will follow up with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work.

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When it comes to dealing with an impending divorce, you shouldn’t be forced to deal with the legal ramifications on your own. Instead, you should get the support you need by calling Hiller Law at (512) 360-9100. Our team of seasoned litigators are ready to take on your case and guide it towards a mutually successful outcome. Call today to initiate your consultation and begin the process of planning your legal strategy.