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What are your plans for your impending divorce? Other than knowing that this is the right path for your family, you may not have the rest of your divorce filing plans nailed down just yet. In turn, you may still have a lot of questions about this process and the ways in which it can be used to protect your personal and financial interests.

If you’re struggling to find answers of this kind, then the time is right for you to call Hiller Law. As the top family law firm in Hyde Park and the surrounding area, you can count on Hiller Law to answer your questions and create a customized legal strategy that is tailored to your specific situation. Hiller Law’s attorneys are also master communicators, so you’ll always feel in control of your case’s direction when working with them. In all, Hiller Law should be your go-to choice when divorce or other family law matters interrupt your life.

About Hiller Law

For many years, residents in Hyde Park and the surrounding area have been turning to Hiller Law in their time of legal need. That’s because principal lawyer Michael Hiller has always aimed to utilize cutting-edge legal techniques that improve his clients’ odds of a positive outcome. Better yet, all of Hiller Law’s lawyers strive to find equitable solutions that take into account both the financial and emotional needs of their client’s family.

Hiller Law’s unique approach to supporting its clients has earned it praise from its current and former clients. The firm maintains an exceptional 9.9 rating on Avvo. Similarly, many of Hiller Law’s legal team members have earned recognition based upon their outstanding professional skills and performance. This includes principal lawyer Michael Hiller, who was awarded a  fellowship with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2018.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law has made it its mission to serve Hyde Park and the surrounding area without compromise. As such, Hiller Law has continuously expanded their practice areas to encompass all aspects of family law. That’s why you can now call on Hiller Law to service your pending adoption or paternity case. If necessary, Hiller Law can also produce legal documentation relating to your marriage, such as a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.

Hiller Law’s lawyers are at their best when serving clients with a pending divorce on their hands. When it comes time to work with those clients, a Hiller Law attorney is able to jump into action immediately and tamp down false allegations made against their clients. From there, they’ll work with both divorcing parties to ensure their client obtains a fair share of any mutual assets as well as custody for their child. Even after the divorce is finalized, your Hiller Law lawyer will stay by your side to ensure full compliance.

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There’s a lot to know about filing a divorce. Rather than risking a mistake during your filing, you should call Hiller Law today to ensure that your divorce filing goes smoothly. With just one call to 512-360-9100, our team can set you up with one of your skilled team members and begin the process of determining which of our services will best suit your needs.