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Confusion, sadness, and uncertainty – individuals who are going through a divorce know these feelings too well. That’s because a divorce can change your personal finances substantially, not to mention upend your family life and relationships with your children. However, you need not struggle with all of these issues alone as the prospect of a divorce arises. With the help of a qualified attorney from Hiller Law, you can take a confident step forward toward a more prosperous future.

Whether you’re dealing with a custody battle or need someone to help you advocate for your asset rights, the experienced lawyers at Hiller Law have your back. With a solid gold reputation for client care and innovation, our legal experts have what it takes to service your case while minimizing your costs and emotional trauma. Simply put, no other law firm in Mueller, Texas, and the surrounding area can top Hiller Law when it comes to family law.

About Hiller Law

Since its inception, founder Michael Hiller has focused his firm on a central mission – to provide an unmatched level of family law counsel in a tough, smart, and professional manner. As such, Hiller and his team are always aggressive in the court room when it comes to advocating for their client’s rights. But at the same time, Hiller Law’s attorneys are always willing to innovate and find a new legal strategy that meets your unique needs.

Since becoming a member of the Texas Bar in 1989, founder Michael Hiller has also gone on to considerable acclaim in the state’s family law community. This includes board certification in family law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as well as credentialed status from Collaborative Divorce Texas. Hiller also maintains a 9.9 rating on Avvo, which speaks to his ongoing commitment to serving his client’s needs without hesitation.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law has always focused on family law cases above all else. As such, top lawyer Michael Hiller and his team are ready to take on cases from across the divorce spectrum, including high net-worth divorces. Hiller Law also offers couples opportunities to engage in a collaborative divorce, which can more efficiently resolve disputes and lead to more positive outcomes for both parties.

Beyond the context of divorce law, Hiller Law also has what it takes to help newly-weds establish a rock-solid prenuptial agreement. On matters of child custody, the Hiller Law team is even able to deal with cases revolving around parent alienation and child support. All in all, Hiller Law can offer an outstanding number of legal services to clients in Mueller, Texas, and the surrounding area – all without adding more stress to their family life.

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