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Going through a divorce is always a stressful situation, but the stakes become even higher when there are many assets or lots of conflict involved.  Hiller Law prides itself in representing clients who are facing high stakes divorce actions. Whether you’re facing an argumentative ex or need to divide complex, high net-worth assets, our team is ready to handle your situation.

Even during high stakes divorce cases, our team also specializes in mediation and other resolutions to help resolve your case outside of court.  However, when it’s necessary, we do not hesitate to fight for your rights in a court of law.

About Hiller Law

Founded by attorney Michael Hiller, Hiller Law has been serving the Northwest Hills area for 27 years.  Our team has built expertise over the years that you can count on when handling your complex divorce situation or child custody issues.  Michael is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and he has earned a 9.9 Top Attorney rating by Avvo.  He has participated in and created numerous training courses related to divorce and family law.

The Hiller Law team is prepared to make your complex divorce situation as stress-free as possible.  We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Divorces can take on many different forms, and Hiller Law is ready to handle your specific situation in the Northwest Hills area.  Many of our clients are facing highly complex situations, and we utilize our expertise to get them the best outcome whether it is through mediation or fighting in court.  We can handle high net-worth divorces, protective orders, false allegations, and any other divorce situation you may be facing.

In addition to divorce actions, Hiller Law can also assist with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  This allows you to protect yourself up front if divorce is ever contemplated down the road. We also help families in the Northwest Hills area with child custody issues.  Our team treats each client with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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If you or your spouse is contemplating divorce, you need to contact us immediately to protect yourself and your rights.  Timing can be critical to protecting your marital assets. Schedule your first fully confidential consultation where we can advise you on the best path for proceeding.  Just because you talk to us doesn’t mean you have to file for divorce, but you at least need to get answers to your questions. Call us today at (512) 360-9100 to schedule your consultation!