Old Enfield Area Divorce Attorney

For many families, divorce represents an unclear path to travel. While there may be mutual agreement on the need to separate, there may not be clear cut agreement for dividing important mutual assets or even child custody. This can lead to disputes and questions that only a qualified divorce lawyer can resolve.

If these are the kinds of divorce law services you are currently seeking, then you’ll find what you need and more at Hiller Law. For many years, we’ve served Old Enfield and the surrounding area by offering affordable legal services that put your personal and financial interests first. We’re also master communicators, so you can feel confident that we’re on the same page throughout your divorce proceedings. Through and through, Hiller Law is committed to you when you face an impending divorce.

About Hiller Law

When it comes to outstanding legal services, residents in Old Enfield and the surrounding area need only to call Hiller Law. That’s because the firm and its principal lawyer, Michael Hiller, have built an award-winning family law firm upon a solid foundation of cutting-edge legal techniques. As a result, Hiller Law has become well-known in the area for its ability to find equitable solutions for all kinds of divorces, including those with unique financial and emotional demands.

As noted, Hiller Law has been recognized on several occasions for their professional prowess and unwavering commitment to their clients. This can best be seen in the firm’s 9.9 rating on Avvo, which represents the approval of hundreds of past clients in Old Enfield and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, several Hiller Law team members have been recognized for their achievements on an individual basis. This includes Michael Hiller, who was honored with a fellowship from the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2018.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law’s mission to serve Old Enfield and the surrounding area continues unrestrained today, as shown in the firm’s expansive practice areas. This includes nearly every corner of the family law field, such as cases involving a pending adoption or paternity dispute. Hiller Law has also serves the needs of newly married couples by offering useful pre- or post-nuptial agreements.

Even with these newly expanded legal service offerings, Hiller Law still takes pride in its ability to serve divorcing couples without hesitation. This includes during the early stages of a divorce proceeding when false accusations may make it difficult to come to any productive agreements. From there, a Hiller Law attorney can help their client advocate for their fair share of mutual assets or child custody. Following a divorce’s completion, your Hiller Law lawyer will even check up on you to see if further enforcement of the agreement will be necessary.

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Finding the right divorce law firm to serve your needs can be challenging, but if you live in Old Enfield or the surrounding area, you should call Hiller Law. We are committed to helping you facilitate a productive divorce process, even if you face challenging circumstances in your personal life. Call us at 512-360-9100 to set up an appointment and we can begin the process of creating a customized legal strategy that meets your personal needs.