Paternity, or parentage suits seek to establish the parentage of a child. Both mothers and fathers may benefit from establishing the parentage of a child for a number of reasons, and Hiller Law has the experience and skill to take on any paternity action.

Paternity suits may be filed by:

  • The mother: Often, mothers will want to prove paternity in order to receive child support from the child’s biological father. The suit may also help establish parenting time for the father so he can be more involved in the child’s life
  • The father: For fathers who are seeking parenting time and establishing legal rights or custody, proving parentage can be an essential factor for their case
  • The alleged father: If you are unsure if you are a child’s father, paternity suits can establish that a child is not biologically yours. This can keep you from having to pay child support obligations.
  • Children, relatives, or other men: Older children, other relatives, or other men claiming to be the child’s father can initiate paternity suit if necessary
  • Government agencies: Government organizations can file parentage suits to help with adoptions, fostering, placement programs, and more.

Moving Forward with a Trusted Partner

The family law attorneys at Hiller Law can utilize our extensive experience to help you with your paternity or parentage case. Whether you are a mother, father, or other entity–we can help you move forward and establish parentage to support your case.

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