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Paternity or parenting suits attempt to establish the parentage of a child. However, the issues and circumstances surrounding paternity suits are far from simple. Hiller Law has the experience and skill to take on any paternity action.

Paternity Suits may be Filed By

The Mother

Often mothers need to establish paternity in order to get child support from the biological father. Although parentage claims are often filed just for the mother to get child support, we hope to establish parenting time for the father so he can be involved as a dad.

The Alleged Father

Sometimes a man going through a divorce claims that a child was not his biological child. He must make this contention known before the divorce is concluded however, or he will likely waive his rights to be relieved of child support obligations. Other times, fathers bring suits because they want to be involved as fathers.

Paternity cases can also be initiated by children, other relatives, other men claiming to be the father, government agencies, and more.

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