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Postnuptial Agreements

Since 1989, Hiller Law has represented people, including executives and performers, needing assistance with postnuptial agreements. They also represent spouses who have been asked to sign a postnuptial agreement.

A postmarital agreement can protect your assets as well as set out methods to help enrich your marriage. Michael Hiller created the “Marriage Booster™ clause” to help your marriage after it begins. As an add-on to the traditional postnuptial agreement, Hiller Law’s Marriage Booster™ clause serves to enhance couple’s relationships, and protect the marriage. It will always contain some type of marriage and relationship education program so that skills can be learned and habits can be changed.

While divorce is always an option, most people who choose a postnuptial agreement want to give their marriage a chance. On the other hand, if divorce is necessary, then the postnuptial sets out the terms for your divorce.

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