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In today’s world, people often marry later in life, or marry more than once. This likely means that people have separate property and are concerned that marriages won’t last. They are also concerned that their intended spouse may be partially swayed by the prospect of money. Therefore, many people including performers, executives, and wealthy individuals consider the use of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. What you may not know is that a prenuptial agreement can be tailored to meet your individual needs. For example, a premarital agreement can not only protect your assets, but can set out methods to help enrich your marriage. Michael Hiller created the “Marriage Booster™ clause” to help your marriage before or after it begins. We have experience working with prenuptial agreements, including drafting and negotiating.

As an add-on to the traditional postnuptial agreement, Hiller Law’s Marriage Booster™ clause serves to enhance couple’s relationships, and protect the marriage.It will always contain some type of marriage and relationship education program so that skills can be learned and habits can be changed.

While divorce is always an option, most people who choose a postnuptial agreement want to give their marriage a chance. On the other hand, if divorce is necessary, then the postnuptial sets out the terms for your divorce.
See for yourself how Marriage Boosters™ work in an interview by Good Morning America where Michael Hiller and his client discuss its success.

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