houston divorce attorney

Michael Hiller, as an expert Houston divorce attorney, understands the emotional rollercoaster you are on in dealing with a divorce and the struggle of maintaining your sanity to deal with all the other issues that demand your attention. We focus first on whether there is an emergency to protect you, your children or your assets. Then we help you look at whether reconciliation is an option. If so, we show you our reconciliation law program. We then help you decide on whether collaborative law or family law litigation is best for you or your children. There are numerous decisions to make if you’re just THINKING about divorce.

Michael is an active husband and father in Houston and he brings his experience of making important decisions involving his wife, money and children to your case. He understands that supporting two households is not as easy as one, and giving up on a marriage in the absence of family violence is not so simple, especially when children are involved. To his knowledge, he is one of the few lawyers who can handle reconciliation law, collaborative law, AND divorce litigation.

Ultimately, any decision to divorce is YOURS, and Mr. Hiller will guide you. In short, he knows it’s a scary process facing divorce, and he stands ready to help walk you through whatever you decide. Michael Hiller will help advise you through all the stages involving divorce, including filing, serving papers, temporary hearings, discovery, dividing property, custody, child support – and final mediation or trial.

If you are contemplating divorce in Houston, or if you have been served with divorce papers, and want over 20 years of experience from a Texas Board Certified family law Specialist, please call us or e-mail us to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how we can put our divorce law experience to work for you.