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Michael Hiller has handled numerous pre- and post–nuptial agreements in Houston for more than 20 years. Unlike prenuptial agreements, postnuptials are created after a couple is married. Motivations for a postnuptial agreement include getting married quickly before a prenuptial can be done; the inheritance of property or the realization that remarriage has created conflict within the blended families. Regardless, most traditional postnuptial agreements are designed to protect separate property and to provide a measure of certainty in the event of divorce or death. In most cases, postnuptial agreements arise after a couple begins to have marital problems. A postnuptial agreement can not only be designed to protect property, but can also set out agreements regarding your children.

As an add-on to the traditional postnuptial agreement, HillerLaw’s Marriage Booster™ clause sets out specific requirements the two parties must take prior to filing for divorce. These Marriage Boosters™ serve to enhance and protect the marriage, and always contain some type of marriage and relationship education program so that skills and good habits can be strengthened.

Marriage Boosters™ can also set out treatment programs (addiction or other), that one spouse must obtain before the marriage education begins.

While divorce is always an option, most people who choose a postnuptial agreement want to give their marriage a chance. On the other hand if divorce is necessary, then the postnuptial sets out the terms for your divorce.

See for yourself how Marriage Boosters™ work in a segment on Good Morning America where Michael Hiller and his client discuss its success.

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