Reconciliation Law

Couple reconciling with a kiss

Reconciliation Law is a process where the couple creates a managed contract for themselves to work on their marriage for some period of time. A spouse can also ask the court to direct them to a counselor.

How Does it Work?

Your spouse wants the divorce but you don’t (or vice versa). Even if you don’t want it, but have reached the end of your rope, you can file a pre or anti-divorce petition. You can incorporate the resources necessary to do the work, such as marriage and family therapists, spiritual leaders, marriage education, legal consultant, financial consultant, reconciliation law mediator, or others as necessary. You create a contract or Order that outlines the specific issues to address and the timeframe you are willing to invest. You and your Family Law attorney and/or mediator oversee the process with periodic meetings. You will have the time to decide if the issues are being resolved or another course of action is required. The court can also assist you in creating your plan. Reconciliation Law works well in Collaborative Law.

Call Michael Hiller or email him for a reconciliation law or mediation consult. A lawyer or mediator can assist you in looking at whether you can put the brakes on your divorce or separation. Your kids may also benefit. Ideally, Reconciliation Law or mediation is the 1st track you will consider. Yes, even lawyers can help you stay together. And if the marriage tretament plan doesn’t work, you can always get a divorce.

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