Representing Doctors

Doctor in distress

After representing numerous doctors in Houston, Hiller lawyers realized that physician divorces are different (the truth is Michael Hiller has been around doctors his entire life- his family managed medical buildings-so he’s long known how they are different ). By far the most important aspect of representing physicians is that they value their time and do not want to be any more involved in their divorce than they have to be. It’s not that they don’t care; it’s just that their profession puts many demands on their time. And it is not that the law treats doctors uniquely. It’s their time that’s so important, and HillerLaw understands. We have read a number of websites that purport to state what doctors’ needs are, and they do hit the more obvious ones related to their income, assets and debts. But I have yet to come across one that truly understands doctors’ basic need, the need to not be bothered any more than necessary. And because their time is so important, not only to them of course but to their patients, it often takes them longer to get back with HillerLaw. Hiller lawyers know they have to be patient with doctor clients.

Many folks think that doctors are married to the hospital, and therefore really can’t have a good marriage. But actually I’m finding there is a new generation of doctors. While their professional time is important to them, so is their personal life, which of course includes their families. While the doctor’s marriage may not always work out, that doesn’t mean their personal lives are not important to them. Of course, their personal life then becomes focused on their children. We also find our divorcing doctors develop new friendships, and many of them are close to their families of origin.

This new generation of doctors, Houston doctors being no exception, more and more no longer own their own practice. Often organizations such as Texas Children’s in Houston own many practices. Doctors often work for a medical school’s practice, such as Baylor. Many doctors now are part of large groups such as orthopedic groups. These developments mean that doctors no longer have to spend nearly as much time running their practices (which often thrills doctors!). But again it also means that they have more time to devote to their children, even as they’re getting a divorce. We at HillerLaw know how to help doctors develop a good parenting plan. And fortunately, we have found that most of the time their spouses do not want to start a big fight. Perhaps they understand that dragging doctors into a nasty divorce fight will not be good for their family, and for the practice of medicine (we all want our medical doctors to be able to focus on their patients, not to be distracted).Another development we have found is a tremendous growth in diversity among medical doctors in the Houston area. This means lawyers who represent them need to have experience representing individuals from various cultures and countries. Hiller Law has represented doctors and others from China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, among other countries. And not only has HillerLaw represented clients from numerous countries but clients whose families recently emigrated from other countries. And although the Houston medical center is bigger than ever, there are now hospitals throughout the area, and small medical centers in Sugar Land, the Woodlands, Clearlake, and West Houston – all across greater Houston. Gone is the stereotype that successful Houston doctors only live in River Oaks. Doctors live and work throughout the metropolitan area, and have excellent hospitals nearby. Fortunately Hiller lawyers practice in these major areas – Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, Galveston and Harris Counties. Please contact us if you are looking at a Houston divorce and we will do everything we can to help you through this incredibly difficult process.