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Property Division

Almost all divorces need community property divisions and experienced Attorneys at Hiller Law can help.

Since 1989, Michael Hiller has represented everyday people, performers, executives, business owners, professionals, and their spouses in Houston and Austin divorces in dividing their community and separate property. We have over 25 years’ experience in negotiating resolutions, as well as trying these issues in court. In addition, we work with accountants and other professionals to ensure proper business and asset valuation.

Texas Marital Property Lawsuit

There are three primary issues involved in property division:

  1. Is the property separate or community
  2. The value of the property
  3. Who gets the property

Our experience allows us to explain which property may be subject to division during a divorce, and which property may be exempt from consideration (your separate property). We can also help with valuation, which generally arises in cases of professionals and business owners. Collectibles, pension plans, 401K plans, stock options, and your home may be at issue.

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If you have property that was acquired before or during a marriage, and need help in valuing or dividing the asset we invite you to contact us. Schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how Michael Hiller and his team can put over 25 years of experience classifying and valuing assets, business interests, and other property to work for you.