No one should ever have to live as a victim or in fear of family violence. If your spouse, partner, or housemate has physically assaulted you or your children, or someone whom you have lived with is seriously threatening violence, you may need a Protective Order to help ensure your safety. This legal document, issued by a court on your behalf, prevents your abuser from coming near you or your family–whether at home, your workplace, or near your children’s school or daycare.

Benefits of Protective Orders May Include:

  • Keeps a dangerous person from owning weapons such as firearms, reducing the threat of harm to you
  • Provides serious consequences such as jail time, should the terms of the order be violated
  • Protects you and your children from being hurt
  • Keeps your abuser from contacting you at all, including text messages, phone calls, e-mails, etc.

In some cases, injunctions are an option, especially where family violence has not yet occurred, is not likely to happen again, or is difficult to prove. While similar to protective orders, injunctions require a hearing before the threat of jail can be used.

Taking Action to Stop the Abuse

Getting a protective order typically requires a hearing, however an “ex-parte” temporary protective order can be issued before the hearing to keep you and your family safe. In some cases, a “kick-out” order can be issued that will force an abuser that lives with you to leave your home. At the time of the hearing, the judge will rule on whether there should be a protective order or not.

An effective and experienced family attorney can help you ensure your protective order is obtained, enforced, and obeyed. The skilled and compassionate family law attorneys at Hiller Law have decades of experience in assisting families with protective orders, providing valuable legal counsel, and advocacy throughout your case to protect you and your children.

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