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Protective Orders

No one should ever have to live as a victim or in fear of family violence. If your spouse has physically assaulted you or your children, or someone whom you have lived with is seriously threatening you, you may need a protective order.

The court can issue a protective order on your behalf. A protective order prevents the person from coming near your home, your workplace, or near your children’s school or daycare.

Injunctions are similar, except that, if violated, injunctions require hearings before the threat of jail can be used. Injunctions are done in most family law cases, and are thus a good option for cases where family violence has not occurred, is not likely to happen again, or is difficult to prove.

A protective order can help prevent your child from being hurt, deter a dangerous person from owning a gun, and reduce the threat to you. Your no-contact protective order will stop the perpetrator from calling you, writing you, or contacting you at all, except through lawyers. If a person violates any protective order, he or she can go to jail.

There are 3 steps to most protective orders:

  1. an “ex-parte” protective order that can be issued before a hearing;
  2. is the violence so recent that it requires a “kick-out” order, and
  3. the hearing itself. After the hearing, the judge will rule whether there should be a protective order

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