Reconciliation Lawyer

Reconciliation Lawyer Houston

Michael Hiller, as an expert Houston divorce attorney, understands the emotional rollercoaster you are on in dealing with a divorce and the struggle of maintaining your sanity to deal with all the issues. We focus first on whether there is an emergency to protect you, your children or your assets. Then we help you look
at whether reconciliation is an option. If so, we show you our reconciliation law program. We then help you decide on whether reconciliation law or family law litigation is best for you or your children. There are numerous decisions to make
if you’re just THINKING about divorce.
We understand that supporting two households is not as easy as one, and giving up on a marriage in the absence of family violence is not so simple, especially when children are involved. To our knowledge, Mr. Hiller is one of the few lawyers who can handle reconciliation law at all, much less collaborative law, AND divorce litigation.

What is Reconciliation Law? Reconciliation Law is using the law to give yourself a chance to save your marriage. For example, we can create a post-nuptial agreement with goals for your marriage and provide tools to help you succeed. We file motions for Counseling and encourage marriage skills education. Finally, we can even file an anti-divorce petition.