Rosedale Area Divorce Attorney

The statistics you’ve read are true – divorce rates in the US remain higher than they were a few decades ago. While this has occurred for a number of reasons, it has resulted in a growing demand for divorce lawyers. In turn, far too many lawyers working in this field feel satisfied to offer prospective divorcees like you a one-size-fits-all solution to their needs for asset and child custody division.

Here at Hiller Law, we don’t settle for that type of impersonal approach. Instead, we focus our efforts on creating a customized legal strategy that aligns with your post-divorce goals. At the same time, we also communicate with you clearly so you can feel confident when it comes time to make decisions affecting your family’s future. All in all, Hiller Law should be your go-to divorce attorney if you live in Rosedale and the surrounding area. 

About Hiller Law

Since welcoming its first client decades ago, Hiller Law has worked tirelessly to ensure that people in Rosedale and the surrounding area have access to the family law services they need. As the needs of the community changed, Hiller Law has kept up with the times by implementing cutting-edge legal techniques. These allow principle lawyer Michael Hiller and his team to give each divorcing couple an opportunity to find equitable solutions on their own terms.

Hiller Law has never made a point of bragging about its numerous awards and accolades. But all the same, the firm is proud to know that its former clients stand behind them, as evidenced in their  9.9 rating on Avvo. Hiller Law is also proud to know that its individual lawyers have earned professional recognition for their work. Principle lawyer Michael Hiller, for example, has earned several professional honors, including a 2018 fellowship with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

In order to keep up with the legal needs of Rosedale and the surrounding area, Hiller Law has continued to grow its practice areas to encompass wide swaths of the family law field. As such, you can count on Hiller Law to find an equitable solution to your pending adoption or paternity case. At the same time, you’ll find Hiller Law’s ability to create a rock-solid pre- or post-nuptial agreement to be unrivaled by any other family law firm in the area.

Along those same lines, few other firms in the Rosedale area can match Hiller Law when it comes to handling divorce cases. During the pre-trial stages, for example, Hiller Law can ensure that false allegations made against you are dismissed immediately. Then, as your divorce filing proceeds, a Hiller Law attorney can ensure that your mutual assets and child custody are equitably split. Suffice it to say, Hiller Law can support you, regardless of what kind of divorce you are going through.

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While you can look far and wide for a better family law firm, you simply won’t be able to beat the individualized service and support provided by Hiller Law. Our team of seasoned litigators are waiting for your call now at 512-360-9100 to answer your questions and provide you with an initial consultation. From there, they can get to know you personally so that they can support you towards your post-divorce goals successfully.