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Why Should Someone Choose Collaborative Divorce?

The Process Options for Divorce: Divorce Litigation and Collaborative Divorce Does control over the outcome of your case matter to you? Divorce Litigation means letting a judge or jury make the decisions regarding your family’s future. Litigation is sometimes necessary or unavoidable. However, given the choice, litigation should be avoided. Studies have shown that litigation…

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How do I prove that it is Separate Property?

How do you prove what is your separate property? The Texas Family Code states that property possessed by either spouse during or on dissolution of marriage is presumed to be community property. Clear and convincing evidence is necessary to counter the community property and establish that it is separate property.  Clear and convincing evidence means…

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Your Lawyer as an Agent of Reality

Setting Reasonable Expectations One of the most important roles of a lawyer is as an agent of reality.  Lawyers should not promise the entire universe when all they can deliver is a marble size rock.  Clients should not expect lawyers to do the impossible.  Unrealistic expectations are bad and should be avoided. Clients need to…

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Stay Calm in a Divorce

Listening to What Triggers You A hot button or trigger word can be words, a tone of voice, or a particular way someone conveys body language that sets you off. Everyone has different hot buttons and trigger words that can cause them to become angry. When we are feeling triggered we automatically rush to judgment…

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Abraham Lincoln: Master of Conflict Resolution

Quotations from Abe Lincoln on Conflict Resolution Beginning as a trial lawyer, Ol’ Abe Lincoln recognized that trial work should be approached with the goal of settlement, rather than creating new conflicts. He figured out how to achieve that goal within the justice system.  We best know Abraham Lincoln as the president that lead us…

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