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Your Lawyer as an Agent of Reality

Setting Reasonable Expectations One of the most important roles of a lawyer is as an agent of reality.  Lawyers should not promise the entire universe when all they can deliver is a marble size rock.  Clients should not expect lawyers to do the impossible.  Unrealistic expectations are bad and should be avoided. Clients need to…

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Abraham Lincoln: Master of Conflict Resolution

Quotations from Abe Lincoln on Conflict Resolution Beginning as a trial lawyer, Ol’ Abe Lincoln recognized that trial work should be approached with the goal of settlement, rather than creating new conflicts. He figured out how to achieve that goal within the justice system.  We best know Abraham Lincoln as the president that lead us…

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What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney?

The first thing is look for an attorney who’s not known to run to court every single moment anything happens. You’re going to need some protections, but you also need someone who can think a little bit. Many times, instead of a protective order, we’ve gone to court, and gotten a petition for extraordinary relief…

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What lesser-known factor is driving family litigation and forcing couples to the courthouse to battle out some ugly dispute?   It is frequently the case where one or both of the parents is suffering from a personality disorder that makes peaceful resolution or mutual agreement virtually impossible; thus driving the couple to court for an ugly…

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How to make your Divorce REALLY Expensive

1.  Complex or large financial assets – A divorce involving complex, unusual, or large amounts of financial assets typically requires financial experts to value the financial assets and a fair amount of negotiation to reach a settlement over how to divide the assets; may also require tax professionals. 2.  Intense hostility or disagreement over child custody…

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