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Abraham Lincoln: Master of Conflict Resolution

Quotations from Abe Lincoln on Conflict Resolution Beginning as a trial lawyer, Ol’ Abe Lincoln recognized that trial work should be approached with the goal of settlement, rather than creating new conflicts. He figured out how to achieve that goal within the justice system.  We best know Abraham Lincoln as the president that lead us…

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What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney?

The first thing is look for an attorney who’s not known to run to court every single moment anything happens. You’re going to need some protections, but you also need someone who can think a little bit. Many times, instead of a protective order, we’ve gone to court, and gotten a petition for extraordinary relief…

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Divorce and Finances

What About the Finances? One of the most Important questions to ask if you are thinking about a divorce is what about your finances? This is especially important if you have not been involved with the finances. That happens quite often, because there is usually one person in the marriage who is more focused on…

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When Is It Time For A Divorce?

Saving your Marriage vs Divorce Divorce lawyers generally think that right after the holidays, couples say they’ve had enough and they start looking towards divorce. I do think there’s some of that, but I also think that most people thought about it before the holidays and then they decide to act on it after New…

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