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Committing to a divorce is a difficult task in its own right. But for many prospective divorcees, the complications of splitting up assets, determining child custody, and evaluating spousal support payments may be more than they can handle alone. Fortunately for folks living in Tarrytown and the surrounding area, Hiller Law is ready and willing to provide skilled family law counsel that can help even a high-conflict divorces come to a mutually-beneficial resolution.

With Hiller Law on your side, you can be sure that your rights in a divorce filing will be protected. Whether you have a prenuptial agreement to dispute or feel that your allotted child custody is inadequate, Hiller Law will aggressively advocate for you. Simply put, you won’t find a more skilled and devoted family law attorney in the Austin or Houston area than Michael Hiller and his team.

About Hiller Law

Innovation – it’s at the heart of Hiller Law’s legal efforts. Their principle lawyer, Michael Hiller, has always believed in finding novel approaches that can help couples in conflict find resolutions that don’t degrade either party’s emotional or financial resources. As such, Hiller and his attorneys have gained a reputation for client care, especially through their utilization of modern collaborative divorce techniques.

As a result, word has gotten around about Michael Hiller and his capacity for client advocacy. To that end, his 9.9 rating on Avvo speaks to his clients’ continued support of his work. Meanwhile, Hiller’s fellowship with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2018 demonstrates his commitment to remaining at the front of his field since joining the Texas Bar in 1989.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

Hiller Law’s legal team knows that an impending divorce can cause clients to become lost in their legal obligations. As such, each of the team’s attorneys is willing to work with clients to evaluate which assets they can rightfully claim as well as how much child custody they deserve. Hiller Law’s lawyers are also skilled when it comes to heading off these complications at the pass by helping newlyweds establish a rock solid prenuptial agreement.

Hiller Law also recognizes that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work for today’s divorcing couples in Tarrytown and the surrounding area. That’s why they offer modern collaborative divorce plans, as well as opportunities for mediation through every step of the divorce proceedings. They can even offer reconciliation resources that can help a divorcing couple find new common ground to work from.

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Filing for divorce can feel like the beginning of an insurmountable march up a steep mountain, but the legal experts at Hiller Law can help guide you up that mountain and ensure that you remain strong throughout your climb. With just a single call to our office in Austin (512) -360-9100, we can begin to cooperatively plan your legal strategy and ensure that your rights are ruthlessly protected during your upcoming divorce filing.