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For many folks living in Travis Heights and the surrounding area, filing for divorce can feel like the end of the road. While it’s true that a divorce filing signals the impending end of a marriage, it also represents the beginning of a potentially long process of dividing assets and establishing ongoing agreements for child custody. While this can all feel like an insurmountable task to take on alone, prospective divorcees in Travis Heights and the surrounding area can turn to the most trusted name in Texas family law for help.

When it comes to applying the law to support the needs of divorcees, no one in the Austin area does it better than Hiller Law. When you step through the doors of Hiller Law, you can expect to be welcomed by a team of legal experts who are willing to create an innovative, supportive legal strategy tailored to your needs. Through and through, you’ll be able to count on a lawyer from Hiller Law to have your back when it’s time to file for divorce.

About Hiller Law

From the very beginning, Hiller Law and its founder, Michael Hiller, have been committed to facilitating mutually beneficial divorce proceedings through a process of productive de-escalation. By utilizing this prime prerogative, Hiller and his team have helped high-conflict divorce clients divide their assets and resolve their child custody issues without spending undue time and emotional capital on unproductive disputes.

Lead attorney Michael Hiller’s acumen speaks not only to his own experience on this front, but also his entire firm’s ability to handle divorce cases from across the spectrum. Since joining the Texas Bar in 1989, for example, Hiller has served as a Fellow for the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2018 and became certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1998. Even Hiller’s current 9.9 rating on Avvo speaks to his stellar reputation in the Texas family law community.

Hiller Law Practice Areas

When it comes to family law and divorce law in particular, Hiller Law’s attorneys are the best of the best in Travis Heights and the surrounding area. As such, you can count on these legal experts to be able to guide you successfully through the process of creating a prenuptial agreement or an effective order of protection. Even high net worth divorcees can turn to Hiller Law’s team for support in dividing their numerous mutual assets.

Even beyond basic divorce law, you’ll find that Hiller Law’s lawyers have more than enough experience to successfully help couples negotiate or renegotiate their child custody plan. These same lawyers are always willing to keep all options on the table as well, meaning that you can request sole custody of a child if the circumstances of your divorce change during the proceedings.

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No couples ever look forward to divorce, but sometimes this important step forward is the best way for both former partners to progress in life without hesitation or restriction. When you’re ready to take this crucial step forward, call Hiller Law at (512) 360-9100. We have the skills, knowledge, and reputation needed to find the innovative legal strategy you need to see your divorce through to success.