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The Two-Step Divorce Process

The Hiller Two-Step Divorce Process

The Two Step DivorceAt Hiller Law, our philosophy is simple – we call it the Hiller Two Step Divorce Process. The first step of this Two-Step Process is to categorize your case as more likely to be resolved in-court or out-of-court or, or will it be a combination? The second step is to help you navigate the best path within this context for you, your family and your children. Some cases are a delicate balance between in-court and out-of-court. For example, we may set a hearing, but the court requires mediation – so we start out in court – and then move to out-of-court mediation. If we don’t settle, we end up back in court for that hearing. That same case may weave its way in and out of court throughout its duration.

Some cases seem to gravitate toward out-of-court resolution. This may be for a variety of reasons. For example, if your lawyer, and your spouse’s lawyer get along, they will often find a way to resolve whatever conflicts arise as you move through the case. This is especially true if you and your spouse both want the case resolved without court intervention.

Many cases seem to defy out-of-court resolution – these cases are more likely to be resolved in-court. They generally involve high conflict personalities (HCP), whether the other lawyer or your spouse. While we always fight for you and your kids, we utilize techniques to manage the conflict, so that your litigation does not become out-of-control. We call this approach “fighting smart”.

If your case involves the most extreme high conflict in-court litigation – parental alienation, where the other parent tries to turn the kids against you – we prepare you for the worst; however, our firm has years of experience to advise you through this landmine. Our firm is currently involved in a project designed to help the courts identify parental alienation early in the case, and to get it under control.

Regardless of where your case fits in between in-court and out-of-court, Hiller Law stands ready to help guide you through the “Hiller Two-Step Divorce Process”.